Dee’s Accident and Emergency Fail Tale

Dee’s A&E Fail Tale

Have you ever been to Accident and Emergency (A&E) because you can’t get off a fake nail? Taken your poorly pet to A&E instead of the vet?

It might sound far fetched but the star of our new video, Dee, does both of these in a humorous but informative Choose Well animation, which is based on real life examples of A&E misuse.

Dee is advised by our singing doctor on the correct times to use A&E and about the available health services to use when things aren’t an emergency!

Concept and Creative: NHS Arden Commissioning Support
Lyrics by Aaron Ashmore, (NHS Arden Commissioning Support), James Cannock (One Nation Studios) and Edi Johnston
Design: Vashti Purvey (NHS Arden Commissioning Support)
Animation by Ignite Creative Ltd
Vocals: Edi Johnston
Music produced by: One Nation Studios